Skilltrade offers different types of courses. To get you started, we have provided the following options for you free of charge:

  • Following Hydrography Induction on our unique E-learning platform
  • View our mini lectures by Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk
  • Watch a video on our Hydrographic survey training

Hydrography Induction E-learning

The e-learning module Hydrography Induction is a hydrography starter course based on the introduction chapters of the Handbooks of Offshore Surveying. Those chapters are part of the course and all are available for free (after registration as a user). This Induction training can be done free of charge. Visit the button below to register and start the Hydrography Induction course today!


Enter Skilltrade E-learning platform


Skilltrade | THSOA - New England Chapter

Title: Mini-Lectures (3 x 20mins)

Speaker: Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk


Datum transformation in a changing world
To meridian convergence or not
Geoid vs ellipsoid heights vs tidal reduction

Survey Training Video

This short clip is part of the footage we use in our introduction to hydrography training. These videos introduce students to survey equipment and experience survey vessel installation and data collection.