Drone Survey Fundamentals CANCELLED

5 October 2020 Unfortunately we have to cancel this training due to stricter corona measures.


27 October we intend to welcome our first students in Voorschoten for a 3 day course Drone Survey Fundamentals. This course is intended for those people that want to understand the fundamental principles behind surveying with a drone to allow you to be able to carry out accurate drone surveys consistently. 

Drone Survey Fundamentals is a short but intense training to ensure that you have all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights to make you an aerial surveyor. The course is packed with both the theoretical knowledge and practical tips gained over decades of aerial surveying. We can share that knowledge with you and will make sure you do not make those costly beginners mistakes. The course is not intended to teach you how to fly a drone but how to use the drone as an accurate survey instrument.

This course focusses on gaining a deep understanding of the fundamental principles behind photogrammetry, LiDAR, GPS and geomatics. Contact us today if you wish to claim a seat at this course!