02. July 2024
We had a great day for our yearly teacher conference, amazing lunch, private tour through the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave and following our yearly meeting. Here all results were discussed and our new short courses coordinator Ebelien van der Velde explained the future plans for the short courses, keep an eye out on our website!
13. June 2024
Awarded large Delft Blue beer mug
For years, the top Skilltrade Cat B student has been awarded a large Delft Blue beer mug. Recently, we presented this year's mug to Andrei. This morning we received this photo showing that a beer mug that was awarded years ago has found a new home in Nimes. Cheers to Andrei and all our outstanding students! #Skilltrade #Achievement #DelftBlue #ProudMoments
04. June 2024
Skilltrade provided short courses and visit to NIOHC Thailand:
Skilltrade is proud to inform that our teacher Manaf Zora has supported the Starfix Hydrographic Training in Lagos, then gave an face-to-face Introduction to Hydrography course GEOSA in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and continued to the NIOHC conference in Chang Mai in Thailand where he met several heads of hydrography of this region.
08. May 2024
Training day at the Port of Rotterdam
Great training day at the Port of Rotterdam with the first group of the 28th CAT B class.
30. April 2024
Jelle Hardenbol and Thijs Ligteringen of the Hydrographic Service of the Royal Dutch Navy gave a lecture about the duties of the Hydrographic Department and military hydrography. Thijs Ligteringen discussed maritime limits, boundaries and law of the sea. It was a special afternoon because off interesting lectures and after all the online lessons and start in 3 subgroups, the students were finally all together in a room.
20. March 2024
Oceanology International 2024
We are excited to share that Skilltrade's hydrographic training received a great response at Oceanology International 2024! It's clear that our expertise stands out in the field. We got the chance to reconnect with 14 former students and meet numerous clients. The industry is moving forward to an interesting season with more and more international projects. Skilltrade is ready to support with hydrographic training.
11. March 2024
Our colleague, Manaf Zora, continues to pioneer in hydrographic training, this time reaching out to a Nigerian audience with an online Advanced Introduction to Hydrography course. Hosted by Starfix Geosolutions Services Ltd in Lagos, the course saw enthusiastic participation from 18 students, some joining in from offshore locations. This was the first delivery of this 5 day course. A follow-up 6 day practical session in Lagos is scheduled for April. We were honored to have the following...
07. March 2024
19th and 20th March 2024 - Online two-day short course: Introduction to Hydrography
Upcoming training opportunity! 19th and 20th of March we will start another online Introduction to Hydrography. Two full day instructor-led lessons given by Manaf Zora including an video in which students will be introduced to survey equipment and experience survey vessel installation and data collecting. Contact us on info@skilltrade.nl if you have any questions or wish to register.
04. March 2024
5 Reasons to Choose Skilltrade Category B training
21. February 2024
Our colleague Manaf Zora is breaking new ground by conducting a three-day introduction to hydrography course in Arabic

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