Volume 1 Handbook of Offshore Surveying - Projects, Preparation & Processing

Volume 1 - Projects, Preparation & Processing 

ISBN/EAN: 9789081659147

The series Handbook of Offshore Surveying Volume I, II and III is an encompassing series that is unmissable for the modern day hydrographer. This complete set of books should be on the desks of every hydrographic survey company and the professionals working for them, while it can be used as reference book for daily practice in offshore surveying in the fields of projects, preparation & processing, positioning & tides and acquisition sensors.

Volume I of the series Handbook of Offshore Surveying focuses on Projects, Preparation & Processing in offshore surveying. In this volume the authors are describing hydrography for nautical charting, dredging, inspection, rig moves, cable and pipe lay and offshore installation. Further to that preparation, processing and reporting are a major part of this volume.

Volume 1 - Projects, Preparation & Processing

Volume 2 - Positioning & Tides

Volume 3 - Acquisition Sensors

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