Congratulations 25th CAT B Class!

This June we were pleased to be able to welcome the students of the 25th CAT B class for their practical field project. Not all were able to attend due to COVID restrictions, however they will be able to join the 26th class which is now running. They will start their field project in April 2022.


Happily we were able to congratulate all attending students on a successful completion of the field project as well as the specialized training workshops. 



Rijkswaterstaat hosted us with a tour on deck of one of their North Sea research vessels and, a first for us, the Royal Dutch Navy gave a presentation outlining the hydrographic work they perform as part of their mandate. 


Additionally all students in the current 26th class passed the theoretical portion of the course and are ready to start their FTP ( Field Training Program ) scheduled for spring of next year, 

The next 27th CAT B will be offered online as we continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID 19.

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