Skilltrade has developed several interactive e-learning courses that can be followed by those interested in a given subject. These modules are also part of the Hydrographic Survey Category B Course. If chosen, the various modules can be completed with a formal exam to demonstrate IHO S-5 competency, for example as input into a Hydrographic Professional Assessment Scheme.







We offer the following on e-learning platform:


Preparation Modules
- Hydrography induction

- Mathematics
- Physics

The Hydrography Induction module is an overview of hydrography and its processes and instruments. It is based on the first chapter of the Handbooks of Offshore Surveying (which is included). The course is free to all those interested (after free registration).


The modules Mathematics and Physics are designed to test the students’ knowledge of these subjects as required for the entry level for the Skilltrade Hydrographic Survey Category B Course or alternatively as entrance requirement for the required e-learning modules. These modules are free of charge with the purchase of one of the paid essential modules.
On the theory slides the student can also find links to specific modules from the renowned Khan Academy to enhance their knowledge. The modules Mathematics and Physics are accompanied by background material; an extract from the Skilltrade Mathematics vs Physics book.

Essential Modules
- Underwater Acoustics
- Bathymetric Systems
- Land Surveying
- Coordinate Reference Systems (Geodesy)
- GNSS Operations
- Positioning (Sensor positioning, SRF, IMU, gyro’s and timing)

The 6 comprehensive modules are presented as interactive, narrated, presentations interwoven with animations and video where relevant. The format was updated in 2022 and is now more interactive. Each module includes a set of questions to test the knowledge gained. Modules can be taken at a theoretical level equivalent to CAT B (Level 2) or for some modules
to CAT A (Level 1).


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