Fault Finding and Data Telemetry


During this workshop the students build a small telemetry system for transmitting data from a sensor to a survey computer. They further test various pieces of equipment by setting them up and checking for the correct operation of those systems.  

The participants will set up equipment, troubleshoot and create cables and networks. The students mobilize a complete survey system on a workbench and connect the various sensors to a survey computer. The objective of this workshop is to have a few sensors giving input into the survey computer. During the workshop the students also solder a (serial) cable for use during the project. Finally, a telemetry link is set-up to learn about the specifics involved in telemetry.  

Prerequisite training

No special preliminary training required. 


Duration one day, class from 08:45 – 12:15 and 13:00 – 16:00  



Kanaalstraat 7, 1975 BA IJmuiden, The Netherlands


Price On request 




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