Target group This course is intended either for people with a basic knowledge of geodesy, or for people who are familiar with the terminology used.  


Entry level Knowledge of geodesy or Skilltrade Introduction to Hydrography course. 

Furthermore a reasonable knowledge of mathematical techniques, possibly acquired by means of the “Survey: Positioning and mathematics” course. 


Contents After this course students will have a clearer understanding of the Geodesy used 

at mapping. Furthermore, calculation techniques used at geodesy will be dealt with, at which calculation formulas will not be avoided. A basic knowledge of mathematics is therefore required for this course, in which sample calculations are used from actual practice.  


The following subjects are dealt with: 

Shape of the earth 

Units: Length , angles, height and depth 

Coordinate systems 


Geodetic Datum 

Grid projections 

National mapping systems 

Datum transformations 

Land register 


Duration 4 instructor led online lessons of three hours (using Microsoft Teams)                              


Starting date  On request 


Completion  Certificate of attendance 


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