GNSS, DGPS and RTK systems

Target group

This course is practically-oriented and is intended for people who either already work with these systems or work together with hydrographers and/or land 

surveyors daily.  


Prerequisite training

Using / knowledge of DGPS of RTK systems in actual practice or the Skilltrade Introduction to Hydrography course.  



This course primarily deals with the basic principles and working of current DGPS 

and RTK DGPS systems. Furthermore, the course contributes substantially to a 

clear understanding and knowledge in the field of DGPS via a practically-oriented 




Working of GPS: Constellation/configuration, Distance measurements to the satellites, Exact time synchronization, Timing 

Quality control and securing: Sources of error 

Geodesy: Ellipsoid, Geoid, Vertical datums 

DGPS: Measurement principle, Multi-reference systems, Datalink 

RTK DGPS: Measurement principle, Carrier Phase DGPS techniques 

Installation and working: Installation of reference and monitor stations, 

Setting up a mobile station, Configuration of the mobile receiver 

Performing checks: Position check, Monitoring 

Use: Surveying, Using RTK OTF for tidal information, RTK for land 

surveying purposes  


Duration 2 instructor led online lessons of three hours (using Microsoft Teams) 



On request                                    


Starting date 

On request 



Certificate of attendance 



If there is sufficient interest, the course can – on request for a quotation – be given at any desired location.  

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