Introduction to Law of the Sea

Introduction to Maritime Law, Law of the Sea and Law of Naval Warfare  



Target group

Anybody with an interest in the legal aspects of the use of and work on the seas. This could include but is not limited to master mariners, ship owners, offshore contractors, survey professionals, government officials, naval officers and politicians.  


Prerequisite training

There is no prerequisite course required for a student prior to enrolling in this course. 



This course offers an introduction in the legal frameworks applicable to working at sea. The student will learn about ownership of sea resources and mineral resources on or under the seabed.  The course provides background information and insight into the international rules and regulations of Maritime Law to ensure safe shipping. Furthermore, the course gives a review of the primary articles and their application of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Finally the course gives a historical review and current status of the Law of Naval Warfare.   



1 day ( 2 half day sessions)



On request  


Starting date 

On request 



Certificate of attendance 


Particulars If there is sufficient interest, the course can be given at any desired location.  This way, we can offer an extensive course. 

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