Multibeam Data QC

In a world where accuracy is paramount, we present you with a transformative journey: data Quality Control (QC) training that unlocks the secrets to translating client demands into perfected outcomes. In this training you will learn to be prepared to decode the language of client specifications and to transform them into flawless products.  


This training is for hydrographic survey personnel who would need to learn to understand client’s requirements. This training is also for clients who want to learn how their contractor collects data and does data QC.  



Data QC for Final products 

Survey Standards 
Statistics: bias & error 
95% Confidence Level 
Survey Statistics 
Survey software for multibeam data acquisition  

  • Survey Software Setup 
  • a-priori SD (for TPU) 
  • Data QC Tools for data acquisition  
  • Survey Grid Statistics


3-day program 

Day 1 - Beginning with the end in mind - Overview of multibeam data QC steps and working towards the final products. This is the introduction day.  Multibeam Data QC concepts; "data QC dictionary" 

Day 2 - Working with participants data. IHO S-44 standards & Survey Accuracy 

Day 3 - Use cases & real-life data assessment 


Training location 

This training can on request for a quotation, be given at any desired location.


Target group 

Are you sometimes confused by Survey Standards, Standard Deviation, TPU, 95% Confidence Level, Accuracy and Precision in Hydrographic Survey? Are you sometimes under the impression that your client is requesting the impossible? Then this training is for you.  



Entry level 

No entry level required to join this training. A background in hydrography or offshore industry is recommended. 



Participants will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Thinking of taking this training with us? Please contact us for enquiries.