Side Scan Sonar & Sub-Bottom Profiler

Target group

This course is not only intended for those who have no experience with Side Scan 

Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profiler for deep water, but also for those who already 

worked with Side Scan Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profiler systems and want to gain 

latest in-depth knowledge or refresh their knowledge. 


Prerequisite training

Using / knowledge of Side Scan Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profiler systems in actual 

practice or the Survey: Introduction to Hydrography course.



Side Scan Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profiler systems are frequently used for 

visualisation of objects on the seabed and geological profile below the seabed, 

respectively for geophysical measurements and mapping. This course offers the 

student the practical knowledge required to use the systems in a proper way, or to 

interpret the data produced by the systems. The course provides knowledge that 

varies from underwater acoustics to the data interpretation. After the course, the 

student can identify (and interpret) Side Scan Sonar images and Sub-Bottom profiles

with deep water applications. The course includes many practical experience

examples of which data interpretation is given. 



Duration & Location

3 instructor led online lessons of three hours (using Microsoft Teams). If there is sufficient interest, the course can be run any desired location.



On request 


Starting date

On request 



Certificate of attendance


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