Target group

The course is particularly intended for people who work directly or indirectly with hydrographic surveys.   


Prerequisite training

Using  / knowledge of the tide in actual practice or the of the “Survey: Introduction Hydrography” course.  



This course gives the student a clearer insight into the origin of the tide and how the tide affects bathymetric recordings. The tide causes a change in the water level over a certain period. This is the reason why bathymetric recordings must be corrected to be able to relate the recordings to a fixed reference level. Defining the correct water level at the place of the survey is therefore crucial. The course will deal with the theory of the tide and the existing types and differences.  Also the various tide prediction methods and tide registration methods will be dealt with.  




Vertical Datums 

Tide measuring instruments, their installation & calibration  

Tide predictions



2 days (4 instructor led online lessons of three hours)



On request                  


Starting date 

On request 



Certificate of attendance 



If there is sufficient interest, the course can – on request for a quotation – be given at any desired location.  


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