Skilltrade wanted to offer easier access to Hydrography Training and therefore developed 6 interactive on-line structured e-learning courses that can be followed by anybody interested in the subject at hand. The e-learning is also a part of the Hydrographic Survey Category B Course. The modules are presented as a Power Point video with an overlay of spoken instructions. Every E-learning lecture is accompanied by an interactive assessment, after answering the questions the results are immediately available from the E-learning system. The student can connect with the experts through e-mail. 

The modules will be kept up to date constantly. The courses are conducted in English and require a good command of English.


We offer the following e-learning courses:

  • Hydrography Induction (free module)
  • Underwater Acoustics
  • Bathymetric systems
  • Landsurveying
  • Coordinate Reference Systems
  • GNSS Operations
  • Positioning

The e-learning module Hydrography Induction is a hydrography starter course based on the introduction chapters of the Handbooks of Offshore Surveying. Those chapters are part of the course and all are available for free (after registration as a user). This Induction training can be done free of charge. Visit  to register and start the Hydrography Induction course today!


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